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I’m a Mindset & Law of Attraction Coach, mom of one, Registered Nurse, investor, mentor and creative entrepreneur. I coach and empower women to craft, curate and create a life they love by their own design utilizing Law of Attraction.

I grew up in a standard middle class home in California and I played by the rules. I received my bachelor’s degree in nursing, had a 6-figure nursing career, bought a home and a luxury car, and had my beautiful son. On the outside looking in, life was looking really good!

Yet inside, something was missing and I wasn’t fulfilled. I was unhappy, doubtful, feeling stuck and out of alignment.

I felt guilty for being in a service-based profession as a registered nurse and living the life that society told me to live, which was to go to school, get a degree, get the career, work hard and ride it out until retirement.

But… I knew there had to be more to life. I continued to ask myself “IS THIS IT?”, this can’t be it. I knew there had to be more…

My biggest challenge at the time was believing I was worthy of my desires, wanting more and living my life on my own terms. The unknown of what that would look like freaked me out!

In 2014, I started to take steps to change. I began weight training, exercising, fueling my body with healthy food and consuming personal development books, podcasts and videos. Throughout this process, I began to see how powerful our minds are and that the law of attraction is real, thoughts become things.

The underlying message of everything that I was learning from powerful and successful people came down to having the right mindset and removing limiting beliefs.

So, I decided to go all in on changing my mindset and focusing on attracting what I wanted to experience in my life. Over the last few years, I went all in on putting out into the universe the life that I desired to create unapologetically, including:

  • Resigning from my FT career
  • Starting 2 businesses
  • Investing
  • Attracting opportunities
  • Building Relationships
  • Traveling
  • Achieving freedom
  • Buying my dream car – a beautiful, red Maserati

The most gratifying part about this process was that I was showing my son, Braylen, what was possible.

Now, I’ve overcome the doubt that I am deserving and worthy of any and everything that I desire. Everything that I have visualized and imagined has manifested.

I’m a firm believer in self-care and I lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Included daily is a practice of gratitude and appreciation, journaling and meditation.

I currently live in Los Angeles with my son and we live in a space of…

  • Abundance
  • Happiness
  • Positivity
  • Fulfillment
  • Gratitude

I get to live a life of freedom, on purpose, with passion and on my own terms.

And you can do that too!

You can DO, BE and HAVE anything you want! You can create, craft and curate a life you desire by your own design.

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