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As a thought leader, Jaci speaks on mindset and law of attraction to those who want next level shifts and transformations in life. She has the honor to coach and train women from around the world on law of attraction, mindset and manifestation.

This summer, she will become an international speaker in Cuba at the Women By Choice Global 5th Annual Retreat and in Italy at the Serenita Wellness Retreat. Jaci will deliver life-changing messages to take the attendees through a transformative experience.

She is a radiant and captivating speaker who will inspire and positively impact an audience to take action in their lives and challenge to become architects of their own destiny.

Jaci has expertise in Law of Attraction, Manifestation & Mindset. In addition, she can speak on understanding universal laws, creating a positive mindset to manifest with ease and flow Vibes, Frequency, and Energy: Understanding the foundation of Alignment.

Law of attraction and manifestation are cornerstones of Jaci’s life and teachings. She has had significant results from practicing the law of attraction and other universal laws.

Through her very own methodology and studying to become a Law Of Attraction Coach, she teaches and supports others in implementing foundational practices in their lives.

Jaci can speak on:

  • How does manifestation really work?
  • Have a grand vision for your life
  • Get into alignment to supercharge manifestations

When Jaci first began making big shifts in her life 5 years ago, she learned from successful and powerful people that she first had to strengthen her mindset and overcome limiting beliefs.

As she began implementing these shifts in her life, prioritizing the wellbeing of herself and getting clear on what she wanted she declared her desires to the universe. She knew what she wanted to achieve and trusted that the universe would provide.

The universe delivered as she began experiencing even more clarity and fulfillment. Not only did a massive shift occur internally but she also began attracting relationships, opportunities and financial resources.

After working on herself and her mindset over the years, Jaci has developed proved tools and coaching to help others to do the same.

Jaci can speak on:

  • Identifying limiting beliefs: what’s been holding you back from your dreams?
  • Reprogramming the subconscious mind
  • Daily consistent habits to transform negative thoughts
Aug 24-28 2019
Women By Choice Global 5th Annual Retreat in Cuba
4-day empowerment cruise for women.
July 13-19 2019
Serenita Wellness Retreat-Umbria, Italy
One week all women's wellness retreat.
May 11 2019
Stepping N2 Sisterhood Tour Los Angeles, CA
An afternoon of networking with powerful women and intimate conversations.
March 9 2019
Grand Opening - Crypto Blockchain Plug
Cypto Blockchain Plug opened it’s door to the commununity.

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Jaci Marie is a Mindset & Law of Attraction Coach. She coaches and empowers women to craft, curate and create a life they love by their own design utilizing the Law of Attraction.

She is also a passionate entrepreneur and educator who believes anything is possible and lives her daily life by that mantra.

She sits on the choice coach council of “Women by Choice” global network and co-leads “Manifesting Mamas” an online community of 40k women.

Born in San Mateo, California, Jaci received a bachelorette degree in nursing and a public health nurse certification.

Jaci Marie is a staunch believer in self-care and leads a healthy and active lifestyle. She enjoys weight lifting, kick boxing, proper nutrition and a daily practice of gratitude and appreciation.

She currently lives in Los Angeles with her 8-year-old son.

She has been featured in ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, CW and KTLA along with various other media and press.