“Honestly I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I started working with Jaci. I had no concept of what a coach was, but a friend of mine basically forced me to friend Jaci on Facebook. One day I was on a call from work and I watched one of her videos. I literally was lying in bed in tears because that freaking day I watched was her last day of working as a nurse.

This was so significant to me because I am a nurse and I actually work for the same company she left.  Up until that moment, I never thought there was a possibility that what I was dreaming of could ever come true.  But there she was, and she did it! The day I decided to watch was the day I set up a call and I knew I had to work with her!”


“Earlier in 2017, I had encountered a lot of health and spiritual challenges. I knew I needed to strengthen myself, mind and spirit to make myself the best for my family, profession and prospective business I wanted to begin. I did not know where to begin developing myself in the ways I knew I needed.

I met Jaci at a conference and training and instantly I knew there was a positive connection, and that she was brought into my life to help move my thinking forward. Through several coaching conversations, she helped me ask reflective questions, challenge my fixed mindset and offered me great tools to elevate my mind and spirit. Books, podcasts, articles, cognitive coaching skills…Jaci utilized many great coaching skills to engage me in questions and help me to understand myself and claim my intentions in my life. I am truly grateful for her energy, love and dedication to helping me be the most honest version of myself. I am stepping into my leadership and sense of personal greatness. THANK YOU, Jaci for coaching and supporting me through the journey! Humans together.”


“Total. Mind. Shift.

These are the 3 words that describe my first experience with Jaci. In a few short hours, she was able to identify areas of weakness and strengths through her careful and intentional series of questions and responses and her ability to guide and transform my thought process. One of Jaci’s most valuable assets for me was her ability to listen. She stretched me and my thoughts all while providing me with pearls of support through her own life experiences. As a PhD prepared nurse, I was always focused on this false belief that opportunities would arise once everything was perfect. As a result, I strived for perfection before I would act, needless to say this led to a lot of work with no true action because perfection is nonexistent.

I realized, through Jaci’s guidance that I have to leap, believe in myself, and not worry about failure but rather focus on the success that I will have. I am completely enlightened in my ability to succeed and looking forward to continuously and consistently implementing the strategies for success that Jaci has given. The words ‘Live unapologetically’ are reverberated in my mind each time I have self-doubt and it is because of Jaci that I have developed this necessary strategy which is vital to my success. I am looking forward to continuing my work with Jaci and cannot wait to see what the future holds!”


“I had the great pleasure of working with Jaci for 6 weeks and I couldn’t get enough of her! I wish I could carry her in my back pocket! She is a ball of positive energy and I couldn’t help but to be in a great mood every time I talked to her.  

Weekly reminders that my thoughts create my reality, and to be consistent, were exactly what I needed from Jaci in order to get into alignment for all the magnificent things that I want in my life. The tools she provided, I now use daily and will carry with me for a lifetime.

So, regardless if you believe in your own manifesting power, the Universe, the power of God, or a higher source; the principles taught are the same… Ask for it, believe that you can have it, trust that it’s on the way, expect it, and receive it with open arms.”


“Jaci has been instrumental in helping me change how I think. She has not only been a great coach but an amazing listener. She has helped me change how I perceive myself as well as my day-to-day interaction with others that have led to more positive fulfilling relationships and experiences. She has helped me develop a healthy morning routine which I believe has been key in helping me have overall great days! I feel and look better both inside and out, THANK YOU JACI!!”


“I thought working at the hospital was all there was for me. I got stuck in the cycle of pay and benefits and fear that I would lose them. But I was miserable!! I saw how you left the hospital and became something more–something more evolved and beautiful! I wanted the same thing for myself. THANK YOU!!”


“Jaci you are so inspiring!! I have been sitting on a business idea for 2.5 years and after watching you on FB live and hearing you talking about leaving your job all I could think of was that if she could do it, so can I. I could no longer sit paralyzed by fear. Fear of the unknown. I have truly experienced a mind shift and there is no turning back. Your message inspired me to make my idea that was just sitting stagnant and make it a reality. I am taking steps to get my business started. You made a comment about connecting with people that are 50 steps ahead of you. Well, that is just what I have done. I have so many business owners in my network and I have started reaching out to them and all I can say is the Blessings are flowing. Thank you so much for being so transparent, so open and so real!”


“I hired Jaci as my life coach. We spent 8 weeks together and I wanted her to help me hold myself accountable for my actions so that I can move forward with my life goals. I knew I was not living my fullest life or living in the now. In just a few sessions Jaci helped me realize how far down the rabbit hole I had gone and helped pull me back to surface. Because of her belief and commitment in me I now have a new set of goals and I have a new routine. She has a gift in her ability to get beyond surface issues and ask questions which move you above and beyond where even you thought you could not go. Every time a session ends, I’d hang up the phone amazed at what had transpired in less than an hour. She is caring, honest, flexible and generous. I’m happy that Jaci came into my life and gave me valuable coaching.”


“I am so happy to have met you! I was doing nothing before I was able to see one of your videos. You motivated me by your words! I am a stay at home wife but I’ve decided to step outside of my comfort zone to start my own business and I am happy now because I’m making more money. I took a risk because tomorrow isn’t possible. Thank you Jaci Marie, you are the best! Much love to you!”